-Where are your minerals from?

Our minerals come from all over the world! Brazil, Uruguay, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Madagascar, are just a few of the countries from which we have minerals.


-Are the minerals you have authentic?

All our minerals are tested and certified by a specialized geologist-mineralogist for their authenticity. This means that in our place you can buy safely, as there are no artificially processed minerals (painted, heat-treated, made by humans or containing materials such as plastic or glass).


-How do I clean the minerals I bought?

The main purifying material we can use for our minerals is sage. Favorite herb from all cultures for its healing properties, sage is excellent for purifying our minerals and crystals.

To carry out the cleaning process, place your minerals in a glass, transparent bowl and then pour over them a few handfuls of dried sage (not boiled). You leave them there 3 hours and then you can remove your minerals and throw away the sage.


-How do I charge my minerals?

The sun is the strongest source of light and empowerment of our minerals. After cleaning them, you can leave your minerals about 3 hours in the sun to strengthen their vibration and activate their internal inclusions. Be careful though, because some minerals fade in the sun (such as Amethyst, Fluorite and Kitrinis) it is advisable to cover them with a white, cotton towel and then place them for charging.




-How often should I clean my minerals and how?

Depending on their use. Generally we can clean them 1 time per month to renew their qualities, unless we often do treatments to others and so we have to clean them after each treatment.

For the renewal of our minerals, it is advisable to pass them through the smoke of burning sage or to make a decoction of sage and spray them (attention, this should not be done in more friable forms, such as Calcite, Selenite, Fluorite, Aragonite, Barite, Azuromalachite).


-What does it mean if I break a mineral?

First of all, let's say that the more we use a mineral, the easier it is to break, which happens to all materials. For example, our sweat contains lactic acid and minerals, components that affect our crystals, as well as our body heat.

Also, cleaning with salt (whether it is salt water or plain salt) can create a significant chance that our minerals will break, while at the same time it spoils their shine.

Prolonged sun exposure is another factor that harms minerals and can result in them breaking. If you notice, all mineralogical museums do not allow sunlight to enter their halls while illuminating their storefronts with cold light. In our store we have specialized membranes on the windows to protect our minerals from solar radiation.

In the event that our mineral breaks completely unexpectedly and suddenly (maybe a few minutes from the moment we wore it or held it in our hands) then it probably protected us from something negative that might have happened to us.


-Can I have all my minerals together or does one cancel the properties of the other?

In Nature, many minerals coexist many times together - for example, Rodochrosite with Quartz, Galenite, Sfalerite and Sidiropyrite. So the properties of crystals interact and do not somehow hinder each other.



-How are the natural forms therapeutically different from the polished ones?   

The natural forms are the minerals just as they have come out of earth (and after they have been cleaned and washed). They are ideal for our space and for meditations, in order to convey their qualities there.

The polished forms (pebbles, cabochon) are suitable for treatment but also to have them on us as a jewel or in our bag at any time. They can also be used for meditation, massage and generally contribute therapeutically directly.


-How can I choose minerals either for myself or for others?

One way is based on their healing properties, that is, to choose someone having in mind the needs he would like to manage with minerals. In our store we can inform you about the properties of the crystals we have and advise you on which combinations are right for you.

But a choice can also be made by observing the minerals and letting ourselves see which one pulls us the most. This is a special "call", where we essentially allow our inner voice to guide us towards the best choice. We can do the same for our own people, keeping them in mind and observing which minerals may pull us the most for them.

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